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      Artifical silk surgical tape
Artifical silk surgical tape roll is used for fixing dressings, bandages. Catheters. Wound pads drainage tubes, Vaseline gauzes, cotton gauzes etc.
Composition: The medical tape rollóArtifical silk surgical tape roll is made of medical ventilated, soft ,thin, artifical silk coated with hypoallergenic polyacrylate adhensive.  And the backing is coated with release medication. It can be fixed on the skin with adequate force and may stay for long periods without causing allergic or mechanical irritation, also itís adaptable to all parts of body allowing a total liberty of movements.
Usefulness: paper non-woven adhensive tape roll is used for fixing the surgical dressing and light catheter and suitable for fixing large dressing. Itís excellency includes good agglutination ,soft, suit, ventilated, low hypersusceptibility, etc. It comes in different sizes. Before applying, the skin should be clean and dry for a better fastening. Aviod any tension on the mesh when applying it. Itís valid date is 3 years.
Instruction for use:
.Clean and dry your skin
.Pull the length you need and peel.
.Stick the artifical silk surgical tape roll on the wound which already covered with its correspondent gauze or pad from the center to two side with slight pressure.
.Donít stick the center of the tape roll on the wound directly.

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