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Name: High Polymer Bandage (slim type/thick)
Features: 1.This product is underlaid by multi-layer special glass fiber soaked by Polyurethane. It has excellent plasticity and flexibility.

2.Hardening fast.Begin to harden after opening the package 3-5 minutes, and can load after 20 minutes.

3.The exothermic temperature is suitable when solidifying, and small shringking after solidifying. Eliminating the uncomfortable symptoms of the affected part of skin such as tight and itches.

4.The product is packaged and sealed under appropriate pressure. It can avoid polyester accumulation caused by long-term storage and can be opened easily when using.

5.Hardness is 20 times than normal plaster bandage and reduce the possibility of re-injury by the external force effectively, thus ensure the function of fixation.

6.Weight is only 1/5 of the plaster bandage, and thickness is 1/3.

7.Through X-ray without dismantle and the film is very clear.

8.Wigh good air permeability, it can eliminate the skin itching and irritation caused by other bandages.

9.Environmental protection. Dismantled without dust, complete combustion, and not cause any pollution to the environment.

10.Wide scope of application. External fixation of orthopedics, orthopedic tools for orthopaedic surgeon, auxiliary function appliance for artificial limb, supported tools. Local protection for burn such as a stent.
Use 1.Choose the suitable specification of the casting according to the part needs to fix.

2.Padding the fixed parts with cotton roll or cotton covering.

3.Wearing examination glaves.

4.Open the package, take out the bandage, soak 2-3 seconds in water at room temperature and squeeze 2-3 times, then take out the bandage and squeeze out redundant moisture.

5.Twist round the wound where necessary with tightness moderate. Non-supporting part have to be twisted 3-4 layers and supporting parts 4-5 layers.

6.Shaping according to need. solidification time is 3-5 minutes and shaping need to be completed within this time. Completely load-bearing after 20 minutes.

7.Removed with ordinary electric plaster saw.

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