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About Us

It is an enterprise specialized in the development, production and selling of all types of medical elastic bandages. We hold professional R&D department, national medical standards plant, top-ranking product line and professional distribution department. More than 90% of our products are for export and a small part of the products is for domestic selling.

Reformation is development With the advance of people's living level, our scientific research Staffs are applying the mselves to the researching and developing of the new products all along. And the new products will be more press close to the daily life, more humanism and more adapt to the modern life.

Quality is our life The national medical standards plant, top-ranking product line and the professional test system are ensuring high quality. We also offer the best personal and family protection. High quality producing comes from the precise management. In order to assure the high Professional staffs, who can check the produces during the production.We strictly insist on SY 60007274 001/SY 60007275 0001.



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